About Pure Fashion

About Pure Fashion

"Happiness is... living a life of virtue" — Aristotle

Pure Fashion... a Celebration of Style and Virtue!

Pure Fashion is an international faith based program designed for girls 14-18 to help young women re-discover and re-affirm their innate value and authentic femininity.

Pure Fashion is a character formation program that enhances not only a young woman's external appearance, but more importantly, her interior beauty and balanced self confidence.

Our goal is to emphasize a young woman's inherent dignity and therefore create in her a desire to dress and act in accordance with that dignity. We understand that many young women today are losing their sense of innocence at a very young age, and Pure Fashion aims to reverse this trend by offering a fun, exciting and effective virtue formation program that can impress the hearts and minds of young girls at a very critical stage in their lives.

The Training Program

The Pure Fashion Model Training program spans the course of 7 months and consists of monthly training sessions designed to help young girls develop into young ladies.

Through the monthly training sessions, Pure Fashion Models are taught the foundational skills of becoming confident, competent leaders in their schools and communities. With training sessions focusing on topics such as table manners, social etiquette and public speaking skills, Pure Fashion Models will learn the basics of growing into distinguished, capable and respectful young women. Pure Fashion models will also be taught the art of makeup and hairstyling, all the while remembering that grace, decency and dignity are our greatest adornments.

In our modern culture, which sometimes promotes an "all about me," "look at me" mentality, Pure Fashion promotes balanced self confidence with a desire to love, serve and respect others. The Models are also given opportunities to love and serve others through outreach and mission projects, which cultivate the virtues of love and generosity of spirit. In addition, the young women will be taught how to sit, stand, and walk with grace and elegance as we realize that sometimes our actions speak louder than our words. And finally, they will be taught to think critically about the choices they make, the merchandise they buy, and the overall way in which they present themselves to the world.

The Runway!

At the end of the formation program, Pure Fashion Models will have the exciting opportunity to star in their cities' own spectacular Pure Fashion Show! Through a professional, first class production, the fashion show will showcase the beautiful models wearing the latest fashions, with entertainment from professional singers, dancers, and inspiring speakers. The audience will be entertained, uplifted and inspired by watching fashion, beauty and glamour being presented in a way that is wholesome, virtuous and truly beautiful.

Join Us!

We believe that by supporting our children through positive, fun, exciting programs like Pure Fashion, we will be investing in the hearts and souls of thousands of girls nationwide. This impact will be felt in her family, among her friends, in her school and in her community.

By supporting a community event like Pure Fashion, our sponsors will show that they care about our children and our families. Corporations understand that when they support our families, we will in turn support them.

In a time when many people think about how our culture needs to change, and others talk about how our culture needs to change, we are actively working to promote that change.

Won't you join us in our efforts to help protect the innocence and purity of our youth, by supporting the Pure Fashion Program in your city? And if you are interested in becoming a Pure Fashion Model in your city's Pure Fashion Show, contact your local representative today!

Pure Fashion... where values and virtues are always in vogue!