About Pure Fashion


A Pure Fashion Model Should Be:

  • A model of virtue
  • Wholesome and happy
  • Modest in her thoughts, words and actions
  • Convinced of her dignity and acting accordingly
  • Sincere and unselfish
  • Generous and grateful
  • Prudent in her decisions
  • Kind and gentle with others
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Stylish yet dignified
  • Courageous in defending what is true and right
  • Pure of heart
  • Obedient to God's commandments
  • Committed to Chastity
  • Follower of Christ
  • Helpful at home
  • A leader of many and a servant to all
  • Obedient and optimistic
  • Proud to be PURE!

We have a Passion for Pure Fashion!

As Pure Fashion models, we believe:

  1. That our private parts should remain private.
  2. That undergarments should not become outer-garments.
  3. That our bodies are holy and sacred and our clothing should not reveal what should be concealed.
  4. That virtue is the most important must have for every season.
  5. That being healthy, physically fit, clean and well groomed is always in style.
  6. That we should support retailers, designers and magazines who support virtuous behavior.
  7. That we can be pretty without being provocative.
  8. That a real model is a "role model."
  9. That our clothing sends a message to those around us and it should reflect our dignity as children of God.
  10. That we can begin to change the world by changing our hearts, our minds and our clothes.

Pure Fashion... where values and virtues are always in vogue!