About Pure Fashion


"Praise God for the work He is doing through your group! What an answer to prayer! I'm so proud of you all, I could POP! This issue of modesty is so big to me... my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son already know the difference between modest and immodest clothing... it's that BIG to us."

— Jesica Womack, Anthem, AZ

"I attended a lovely program in Dallas on November 4 with my 8th and 9th grade daughters. It was presented by Brenda Sharman. I tried to thank her after the program but had to leave before I could get to her. Bravo!! It was so spiritually rich, yet practical and funny too. My daughters listened, especially because it was presented by someone who was lovely, interesting and not their mom. Thank you and keep it up!"

— Valerie McCrary, Dallas, TX

"Thank you for the stand you are taking for Christian women, young and old! God is using you to touch/change nations."

— Cristina Baker

"What an amazing witness to the dignity of women!!!"

— Kari Beckman

"The show was a hit!! I have heard only the most fantastic compliments about the whole event! Everyone — including myself — was so impressed!! Isn’t it beautiful to see all the hard work pay off?? And no doubt we will continue discovering the fruits of this labor for many months to come!! We really are changing the world!! — Christ touched over 2300 hearts in just those few hours!! It just blows my mind! I can't wait for next year!!"

— Morgan Stockard

"I want to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to you and your team for all the hard work and love you have devoted to the success of the Fashion Show. It was FANTASTIC!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I do not have words to describe it... This was not only an incredible experience for my daughter Claudia, but also for my husband and I. This experience has been a great blessing for us!!! Thank you! Thank you to all the people who worked with you."

— Claudia Brenes (mom)

"WOW!! Congratulations! What an amazing show on Sunday! My daughter and I absolutely loved every minute of it. It was truly a production."

— Kathy Comer

"I realized, while sitting at the Fashion Show, how many hearts were deeply touched by the beauty and simplicity of the program. I felt deeply in my heart how powerfully God spoke to each and everyone there. Our God is an awesome God!"

— Colleen Jourdan and Family

"Thank you for believing in Pure Fashion and it's vision to cultivate and inspire young women across the nation, by promoting modesty in fashion, inner beauty and self worth in their every days lives, as proud young women; being models of Christ, on the catwalk of life."

— Isabel Pasqualone

"It is a wonderful effort on your part to lead the way for young girls. It is hard to find anyone who will stand up for morals and values. Kids need to know it is ok to stand up for something good. They are inundated with such poor examples in the media that they think that is an appropriate way to act."

— David Arnold, The Partnership, Inc

"Now every time I look at a magazine I check to see how modest the clothes are. I've realized that I really was numb to the trashy clothes around me. I really learned a lot from the retreat. Thanks a lot and have a great week. Thanks."

— Katie Bierenfeld

"Being a part of Pure Fashion has been an incredible experience for our daughter. As a freshman in high school, there are so many new influences in her life. Participating in Pure Fashion has had such a positive influence on Shannon and she is enjoying herself as well. Focusing on the Christian virtues and learning the skills to be the person 'God wants you to be' are what Pure Fashion is all about. And as a mother of 3 girls, I am very thankful for all of those who give so much to make this experience a reality for our daughters."

— Diane Dooley, mother of 3 daughters (14, 12 and 9), Roswell, Georgia

"I know it has already given my daughter and I a wonderful platform to talk about the issues she faces everyday in the areas of purity, modesty, and godly living. She is being equipped to lead others in these areas with confidence. And the relationships she's building with other young women who have the same goals and ideals is something unique to Pure Fashion. Thank you for your passion and love for these young ladies. Your motives are 'pure' and the girls will be forever changed for having had this experience."

— Pam Leinmiller

"I am overjoyed with the Pure Fashion program. It was such a blessing to find a program that reinforced the biblical values of modesty and purity for my girls. Pure Fashion is showing them what I have been trying to teach them all along, that purity of heart is just as important as physical purity, and that you CAN look fashionable and hip while being MODEST! Pure Fashion has a message that every teen girl needs to hear!"

— Tracy Cuneo, Mom of eight

"Pure Fashion is a God-send, Spirit inspired activity that promotes our girls in a good fun direction while bolstering self-esteem."

— Melanie DeFrances, mother of Audrey (14) and Ava (2), Atlanta, GA

"Pure Fashion is on the cutting edge of a counter-cultural revolution that's going to rock the fashion industry! I'm thrilled that Thomas Industries is behind us and you should be proud at how these young women, with your help, are setting out to change our world!"

— Rhonda Boyle, mother of 2 Teen Fashion Consumers, Sharpsburg, Georgia

"Pure Fashion has been a wonderful experience, with incredible people, who are carrying a message of dignity and hope to our daughters. Pure fashion is a way to reach out to young woman and let them know that it's okay to be different from the group in a good way. Pure Fashion and it's message reassures girls that God loves them and wants them to be happy while they wear beautiful clothes and natural looking make-up. I am thrilled to have my daughter be a part of this inspiring program."

— Ann Lynch

"There are already so many fruits coming from Pure Fashion – God is so good! I thank God for Pure Fashion! God bless you!"

— Madeliene Flanagan

"I was apart of the fashion show in Denver last year with my best friend, Hannah. We had a great time and learned a lot. It really gave me the courage to be the person I want to be and to dress the way I want to and not be influenced by the other kids at school like lots of kids are. I never really had to deal with dressing immodestly because I was home-schooled and then when I went to school for the first time I was really surprised at the way a lot of the kids dressed. A lot of made fun of me for the way I dressed and thought it was weird. Then my mom and my best friend, Hannah, got me interested in Pure Fashion and the girls group called Challenge. I really enjoyed being around some girls that liked to dress modestly and thought that it was cool to dress like that! I had so much fun and it really inspired me to be a good role model for my friends at school and my little sister. After being introduced to Pure Fashion and Challenge I felt like I could make a difference and I am. So I thank you for doing what you do and helping young girls to realize that we can be beautiful young ladies and be who we are."

— Keely Gray, Denver, CO