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How Pure Fashion Began

Pure History... It's real life.

Interest has been budding across the country over the question of how to reconcile modesty and fashion. Starting in 1999, several major cities such as Chicago, Seattle and Atlanta, had groups of teens from Challenge, an international network of Catholic girls' leadership clubs, organize and sponsor local Pure Fashion shows. These first shows were modest—both in size and in clothing style – starting in parish basements and hotel ballrooms with a few hundred participants. Nevertheless, the interest and reputation of the shows grew from year to year as numbers of attendees gradually increased and show locations stepped up.

In the spring of 2004, the modesty bud blossomed when 11-year-old, Ella Gunderson made national news for her letter to Nordstrom's department store, "Dear Nordstrom, I am an eleven-year-old girl who has tried shopping at your store for clothes (in particular jeans), but all of them ride way under my hips and the next size up is too big and falls down." Nordstrom management was quick to answer her complaint, apologizing for the inconvenience and offering to find a solution to her problem.

Ella's sentiments expressed the unvoiced concern of teenagers and women of all ages, landing her on NBC's Today Show with Katie Couric and on CNN. Ella's story also appeared in the Seattle Times and was reprinted as recently as May 25, 2005 in the Christian Science Monitor. The result of the media attention was that Nordstrom developed a new category for junior customers on their website called Modern and Modest!

With the flurry of media attention, organizers of Pure Fashion shows seized the chance to take fashion forward. The 2005 Atlanta Pure Fashion show began a new phase of expansion and an explosion of popular interest. This show by far exceeded all prior expectations in its quality, professionalism, content and style, thanks to the help of co-chairs, Brenda Sharman and Skotti Stewart, generous sponsors, and the help of professional event producers, Executive Visions Incorporated. Some 1,300 people came out for the event, along with media and 58 teen models. The day included lunch, entertainment and select speakers including Georgia's First Lady.

Pure Fashion has continued the momentum by growing into an international faith-based program that encourages teen girls to live, act, and dress in accordance with their dignity as children of God. Pure Fashion focuses on guiding young women ages 14 to 18 to become confident, competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity in their schools and communities. Through an eight month Model Training Program that covers public speaking, manners and social graces, hair and make up artistry, personal presentation, and much more, Pure Fashion models learn the importance of living a life in accordance with God's will and fostering a life of grace through purity of heart, mind, and body. The Pure Fashion program culminates in a city-wide fashion show featuring clothing that is pretty but not provocative, trendy but still tasteful.

Pure Fashion now works with local leaders, clergy, and lay people to promote the virtue of modesty, protect and preserve purity, and foster an awareness of the dignity of the human person. Pure Fashion hopes to positively impact the fashion industry by motivating customers to choose clothing and accessories that are fun and fresh, yet modest and respectful of the dignity of the human person.

With 24 U.S. cities offering the Pure Fashion program in 2007-2008 as well as the program beginning in Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Canada and Argentina, Pure Fashion is poised and ready to make a positive impact on the International fashion scene!

Pure Fashion... where values and virtues are always in vogue!