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Girls Gone Mild

Moms around the country are finding solace that they are not alone in wanting to protect the innocence and purity of their teen daughters. ABC's NIGHTLINE reports on Pure Fashion's efforts to encourage teen girls to live, dress and behave in accordance with their dignity as children of God.

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Girls Gone Mild

From Girls Gone Wild, to Girls Gone Mild. "Modesty" is captivating the Carolinas. There's a movement underway to turn girls away from sky high skirts and jaw dropping necklines. it's called "Pure Fashion".

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Retailers Cater to the Modesty Movement

Clothing stores are responding to the potential profit of carrying more modest clothing options! Pure Fashion is highlighted as one of the major groups promoting this market.

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Pure Fashion National Director Appears on Dr. Phil Show

Brenda Sharman, Pure Fashion National Director, was asked to appear on the Dr. Phil show to discuss modesty and immodesty in our culture today.

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The Modesty Movement

In the Newsweek article "Girls Going Mild(er)," Pure Fashion models and modesty guidelines are cited as examples of the growing "Modesty Movement;" those who choose to reject the indecent examples of some media icons.

Pure Fashion Referenced on Good Morning America

In the topic of girls choosing the modest over immodest, Good Morning America cited Pure Fashion as a program through which girls can find out more about dressing modestly.

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Girls Gone Mild: Teenagers Try on Modesty

In an article that highlights the impact and history of Pure Fashion, MSNBC covers the rising trends toward modesty. A Pure Fashion model and volunteer were featured as participants of this new modesty "movement."

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"To the Contrary" on PBS

In an episode that addressed the "Modesty Movement," PBS interviewed a Pure Fashion program coordinator and featured video clips from a Pure Fashion runway show.

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Pure Fashion Gains Momentum in North Texas

On February 8, 2008, CBS channel 11 in Dallas, Texas recently interviewed the Dallas Pure Fashion team. In reference to the latest modesty movement, they spoke of how Pure Fashion is growing to encourage and inspire young women in Dallas, and across the Nation, to dress pretty but not provocative.

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Pure Fashion Praised in New York Times Bestseller

Pure Fashion is referenced in The New York Times Bestseller, "Power to the People" by Laura Ingraham, popular radio talk show host. In the chapter entitled, "Saving our Pornified Culture", Laura references Pure Fashion as a solution to the immodesty in the fashion industry. "The overarching goal of Pure Fashion is to help high school girls make wise life choices," says Ingraham.

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Pure Fashion Featured in Girls Gone Mild

Wendy Shalit, author of "Girls Gone Mild," references Pure Fashion in her book about today’s view of sexuality.

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Shanghai China Newspaper

Pure Fashion received attention in this Shanghai, China newspaper.

You! Magazine in Germany

In 2006, German magazine, You!, reported on the joy of spring shopping and the difficulty of finding outfits that are stylish, yet not too revealing. Pure Fashion and its beginnings in the United Stated and Canada are also profiled.

Young, Female, and Taking a Stand...

Writer names Pure Fashion as a way "to share my experiences with young women and girls to encourage them to send a message of true beauty with their bodies and their clothing."

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Modesty Doesn't Mute Individuality

Pure Fashion models were named "countercultural heroines" in an article detailing the culture created by young women.

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Backlash Against Trash?

In a Bismarck Tribune article covering the sexy trends of today's clothing, Pure Fashion is described as an organization determined to allow girls to dress in fashions that are "pretty, not provocative."

The Pure in Heart Dress the Part

"A revolution has taken place in the fashion industry, and Atlanta teens are on the cutting edge of the new uprising." Christian Living devoted an article in their July/August edition to describe the success of the 2006 Atlanta Pure Fashion program and runway show.

"Modest Models" Featured in the Southeast

Pure Fashion models dress to draw attention to their inner beauty. Read how two models view the Pure Fashion modesty guidelines.

Pure Fashion in Southern Season

"At a time when exposed midriffs, pierced navels and tattooed backsides are all the rage, the pressure is on young girls to grin and 'bare' it. But instead of scantily clad models, Pure Fashion will reveal the fact that fashion and modesty can co-exist."

Interview with Pure Fashion's National Director

In an article about the ins and outs of Pure Fashion, National Director, Brenda Sharman, shares her personal opinions about the success of this program and the "modesty movement."

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The Power of Fashion

"Andrea Chavarro, model and beauty pageant winner, loves fashion. But the Pembroke Pines, Fla., 14-year-old also likes to dress modestly." Learn more about Andrea, and other Pure Fashion girls like her, in an article about the growing modesty trend.

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Catholic Courier

Don't look for any miniskirts in this fashion show. Bare midriffs are out. Necklines don't plunge, cleavage is kept under wraps and underwear is never used as outerwear...

The Georgia Bulletin

A revolution isn't always started by a bunch of angry rebels. Sometimes it's instigated by a gaggle of girls in pretty dresses...

News from the Middle East

Pure Fashion is gaining attention even in the Middle East. In this article, Pure Fashion was noted as one of the many organizations in the "Modesty Movement."

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Fashion Shows Hit the Press

In a local Atlanta newspaper, both the 2005 and 2006 fashion shows were featured, coupled with numerous photographs.

Fashion Rebels: Modeling for Modesty

"But there's a big difference between this fashion show and the kind you would see in Paris or Milan. For one thing, the models are smiling, and they look healthy: no 'heroin chic' here. For another, the clothing is modest."

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Modesty on the Rise

"The Line," a Focus on the Family website, referenced Pure Fashion in its discussion of "The Modesty Movement."

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Pure Fashion Makes Headlines in Hungary

"Új Ember," translated as "New Man," is a Catholic diocesan newspaper in Hungary. They recently published an article about Pure Fashion's events in Budapest.