Pure Fashion Overview

Model Training Program

The Pure Fashion model training program includes many fun and exciting opportunities for a young ladies' personal, spiritual and physical development. Classes will include everything from how to walk the runway, to hair and makeup lessons, developing public speaking skills, how to dress appropriately for every occasion, and improving formal table manners! Pure Fashion models will have the opportunity to attend a retreat which will offer presentations on, "The history of fashions in America," "Promoting virtue without saying a word" and "Supporting retailers and designers who support values and virtues." The training sessions will be offered over a course of 6-8 months which will lead up to the Pure Fashion Show in their city!

The following is a sample outline of Atlanta's Model Formation program. Please check your city's webpage for specific details as the program varies slightly from city to city.

Pure Fashion has been designed to help our girls develop into confident, competent, happy and virtuous young women. For as Aristotle said, "Happiness is a life of virtue."

Opening Session

  • Welcome from the Pure Fashion committee
  • "What is a model of Pure Fashion" introduction talk
  • "Pure Fashion 101" talk and skit
  • The older girls will illustrate the do's and don'ts of becoming a Pure Fashion model: i.e. no inappropriate tank tops, short shorts, micro mini's, or exposed midriffs
  • Emphasize proper clothing for different occasions...
  • How to choose clothing that promotes virtue and reflects an awareness of our dignity as children of God
  • Integration activity and pizza party

Mother Daughter Tea

This should prove to be a highlight of the year for both Mothers and Daughters alike! An afternoon focusing on, "Pure Manners and Social Graces," our young ladies will be reminded of the necessity of good manners which encourage respect and decency. The Pure Fashion models will enjoy a presentation from one of their city's most well known speakers on the topic of manners, and our young ladies will be inspired to act in accordance with their dignity as confident, capable, respectful and respectable young women.

Christmas Outreach Project

"Blessed are the Pure of Heart." As the Pure Fashion models prepare their hearts for the Holiday Season, what could be a more beautiful way to display their true beauty than by creating an opportunity for them to love and serve others. Our Pure Fashion models will have an opportunity to do mission work or an outreach project while sharing the joy of Christmas. The young women will be cultivating the virtues of charity and generosity, for as we know, authentic beauty truly does stem from a heart filled with love and concern for others.

Makeup & Hair Lessons

Pure Fashion models will learn the latest styles and trends in hair and makeup! There will be a team of professional hairstylists and makeup artists on hand to assist in giving each young woman the necessary personal attention needed to learn the art of makeup application and modern hairstyling. Each city will partner with a reputable salon to learn make-up tips and hairstyling techniques from some of their city's most talented hair and makeup artists! After being pampered and polished, each model will have her Pure Fashion headshot taken which will be used in the program book for the fashion show.

Weekend Retreat

Our weekend, or one day retreat in select cities, will be a wonderful opportunity for the girls to "get away," have fun with each other, and focus on the reasons behind choosing to be "modest and pure." They will enjoy a panel of dynamic speakers and guest presenters throughout their Pure Fashion Retreat. Some of the topics to be discussed will include:

  • Looking back to see how fashions have changed over the past 100 yrs.
  • View a DVD on Pure Fashion's version of "What not to wear!"
  • Supporting retailers and designers who support and promote values and virtues
  • What does Scripture tell us about protecting ones purity of heart
  • Learning how to be modest but still "modern" and "stylish"

Public Speaking

Pure Fashion models are going to be leaders and trendsetters, and will therefore benefit by developing their communication skills. Some of the topics our guest speakers will include are:

  • overcoming stage fright
  • how to write a talk or presentation
  • refining your voice and mannerisms
  • being effective in conveying a message

Runway Training

Pure Fashion models will not only talk the talk, but they will walk the walk... with elegance, confidence, grace and dignity! Our body language and posture speak volumes before we even say a word! Pure Fashion aims to develop personal confidence through instruction on walking and sitting like a young lady... because we never get a second chance to make a first impression!


Fittings, Final Rehearsals, and Showtime

All models must be available for fittings and rehearsals the week before the fashion show. Please check your local program for specific details.

Pure Fashion... where values and virtues are always in vogue!