Pure Fashion Overview

Model Spotlight

Theresa McCullough

I believe that the fact that so many of the Pure Fashion models are able to exude such kindness and charity arises from their desire not to allow themselves to be objectified in their manner of dress. Let me explain: oftentimes a girl dresses inappropriately in order to draw attention to herself, putting herself in the center of everything. Pure Fashion models, on the other hand, know and understand that a girl should never be thought as an object and so does not seek to be the center of attention; she, therefore, showers all the attention and the selfish love that she might otherwise retain for herself, on those surrounding her.

What results from the lack of desiring to be the objectified center of attention, is that Pure Fashion models, and many more girls who are not necessarily models, spread their charity and selflessness to those around them. In short, a model can learn by the example of others as well as by her own gift of self how to love, to smile, and to be kind allowing that charity to be prevalent at every Pure Fashion meeting, if only she is willing to cede her spotlight to others.

I am Theresa McCullough, and I am a model of the Great Designer.