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Thank you for your interest in beginning a Pure Fashion Program! We are delighted that you are here and hope that you will join us in our work to help protect the innocence and purity of our teens.

Pure Fashion is a faith-based program that encourages teen girls to live, act, and dress in accordance with their dignity as children of God. Pure Fashion focuses on guiding young women ages 14 to 18 to become confident, competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity in their schools and communities. Through a 7 month Model Training Program that covers public speaking, manners and social graces, hair and make up artistry, personal presentation, and much more, Pure Fashion models learn the importance of living a life in accordance with God’s will and fostering a life of grace through purity of heart, mind, and body. The Pure Fashion program culminates in a fashion show featuring clothing that is pretty but not provocative, trendy but still tasteful.

Pure Fashion works with local leaders, clergy, and lay people to promote the virtue of modesty, protect and preserve purity, and foster an awareness of the dignity of the human person.

Pure Fashion hopes to positively impact the fashion industry by motivating customers to choose clothing and accessories that are fun and fresh, yet modest and respectful of the dignity of the human person.

The Pure Fashion Chairwoman and her committee work together to implement the program in their church, school or city-wide program. The program consists of a 7-month training course for the models, ending in a Fashion show, organized by the local chairwoman and her committee.

For an overview of the Pure Fashion program and it’s objectives, please download our PDF.

And to watch our promotional DVD, please click here.

To begin the application process, please contact or call (855) 556-6872.

Pure Fashion was created through an organization in the Catholic Church, however, the program can also be offered through other churches.

Pure Fashion is an apostolate (ministry) of a Catholic lay organization, called Regnum Christi (please visit for more information).