Getting Started

Pure Fashion 2015 Pricing

The annual license fee for Pure Fashion is $695.00 which includes one FREE Pure Fashion Start Up Kit! (Remember, cost for the license fee can be recovered through ticket sales or model fees!)

The Start up Kit includes:

  • One large, colorful guidebook filled with helpful information, tips and photographs, along with how to implement the model training program and the fashion show. The guidebook provides the tips for everything from fundraising to borrowing clothes for the fashion show to promotions for your event! Click here to download samples from the Pure Fashion guidebook.
  • 5 Promotional DVDs
  • 1 Pure Fashion Tote Bag
  • 15 Pure Fashion Commitment Cards
  • 15 Pure Fashion Creeds cling
  • 15 Pure Fashion Pledge Cards
  • 15 Positive retailer cards
  • 15 Feedback retailer cards
  • Sample - Pure Fashion magnet
  • Sample - Pure Fashion Pen
  • Sample - Pure Fashion mini-hair brush

Services included in your annual license fee:

  • Rights to use the name, logos, promotions and materials for a period of one-year (licence cycle is from July 1st to June 30th annually)
  • Design templates for promotional materials for the "model search" as well as the fashion show. Posters and promotional cards are designed in advance and customized and ordered by each Chairwoman.
  • Access to the online store for wholesale Pure Fashion merchandise. This can be resold at your event as a fundraiser!
  • National branding and promotion
  • List of suggested music for fashion show
  • Formation activities and best practices for training sessions
  • Online resources

The cost of a 1-year license is $695. With your license, the national office provides extensive support as noted above, such as providing template designs for posters and brochures and sample scripts, thus making the program simpler to implement.