Getting Started

Why Pure Fashion?

Pure Fashion is addressing one of the deepest needs of the Church and teens today: purity of heart, mind and body. The Bible urges young people to set an example for others: "Let no one have contempt for your youth, but set an example for those who believe, in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity." 1 In order to fulfill their mission, young people need a thorough knowledge of their faith and support from their communities. Pure Fashion aims to teach teenage girls about purity from a faith perspective, and through our meetings and activities, foster healthy friendships between girls who will pursue purity together.

The messages that encourage purity are often drowned out by all the information and images that teenagers receive on a daily basis. Through advertising, movies, television shows, and newscasts, the mainstream media sends messages that are often contradictory to Gospel values. For many teens, moral chaos has ensued.

  • Almost 50% of teens in grades 9-12 have had sexual intercourse.
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people 15 to 24
  • Annually, almost 750,000 American girls age 15-19 become pregnant
  • The average age for first drinking alcohol is 11 for boys and 13 for girls.
  • Teens now drink 25% of all the alcohol consumed in the United States.

Pure Fashion is determined to help. Today’s teens need attractive programs that will help them make wise choices and grow closer to God. Pure Fashion offers an attractive, fun, and exciting program that inherently promotes the teachings of the Church, Theology of the Body, and the Pro-Life movement. Through this program you can help form the hearts and minds of young women to appreciate their human sexuality from God's perspective, that their body is a gift from God and it should be regarded as a treasure and not a toy.

The positive influence of Pure Fashion reaches beyond the models themselves. Parents, younger siblings, and friends can all be influenced by positive choices made by Pure Fashion models. The end of the year event allows the Pure Fashion models to showcase what they have learned to the entire community.

Pure Fashion has the ability to influence your parish as well. Pure Fashion can appeal to teen girls that are sometimes not initially drawn to other parish youth activities. In this way, Pure Fashion can serve as a means to interest teens in parish-sponsored activities and groups. Friendships made during the program can be a motivation to regularly attend other parish activities.

The young people have an important role in the health of our church. As Pope Benedict XVI said in a recent address, "You, young people, are not just the future of the Church and of humanity . . . The Church needs you, as young people, to manifest to the world the face of Jesus Christ, visible in the Christian community. Without this young face, the Church would appear disfigured."

Pure Fashion is committed to serving the Church in the vital need of youth ministry. Pure Fashion forms teenage girls by teaching them more about their faith, the dignity of their bodies, and because of these truths, how to dress modestly. Through this program and the Pure Fashion models, you can positively impact your parish, community, and today’s culture. We hope that you will seriously consider joining the Pure Fashion mission!

Top 10 Reasons You Should Offer Pure Fashion!

  1. "Blessed are the Pure of heart, for they shall see God"
  2. Purity of heart, mind, and body is being threatened in all age groups.
  3. By teaching the girls, young men will be positively impacted as well.
  4. Movies, music, and magazines often promote impurity
  5. Immodesty is becoming more and more immodest.
  6. There are very few role models who make purity look attractive to teen girls.
  7. The media makes it look glamorous to be promiscuous.
  8. With a breakdown of the family, many teens are not being taught purity and modesty at home.
  9. Annually, almost 750,000 American girls age 15-19 become pregnant
  10. Through a program like Pure Fashion, young ladies will come to realize that they are not alone. There are thousands of girls around the world that also believe that purity is possible!

1 1 Timothy 4:12